Digital Camera Tips and Techniques

Digital Camera Tips and Techniques

Digital Camera Tips and Techniques

Digital cameras are extremely versatile, with a camera to suit every type of photographer.  If all you want to do to take your photographs is point and click, you will find lots of digital cameras that are very easy to use.  Alternatively, if you are a serious photographer, you will want lots of function with settings that you can customize.  Basically, you will want all the bells and whistles.  These more complex digital cameras allow you to make all the changes you want to the settings to help you to produce unique photographs.

Deciding on the right digital camera for you can be confusing because of the large number of camera manufacturers and the huge range of cameras they provide.  Also be sure to find a good memory card, try Sony memory sticks for great image quality.  You need to focus your search by thinking about three important questions.  Once you have answered these, you will be ready to make your choice.

1.    How Are You Going to Use Your Digital Camera?

The answer to this question will determine what type of digital camera you need.  In basic terms you're choosing between a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) or a digital "point and shoot" camera.  If you are a keen photographer who wants management over focus, light-weight, shutter speed plus any range of different variables, then you need to choose the DSLR.  If your choice is the single lens reflex camera, then you will probably need to purchase a good quality lens for your digital photography; so allow for that in your budget.

Alternatively, you may just want a simple camera that will adjust all the settings for you automatically so that all you need to do is decide on your subject and take the picture.  These cameras are known as “point and shoot” digital cameras and are small, lightweight and easy to use.  It’s a camera that you can take anywhere and you can be sure that you won’t miss that perfect photo opportunity.

If you fall between the two options above and want the best of both worlds, then there is an option for you.  There are digital cameras that give you the option of using it as a “point and shoot” camera but also it has the ability to turn off the automatic settings so that you can have control over various settings, such as distance, focus and lighting.

2.    What Quality Of Resolution Plus Optical Zoom Do You Need?

This will effectively dictate your price range.  The reason for this is because you have to pay more for a high resolution camera.  The resolution you need is dictated by the type of photography you want to produce.  You will want the highest resolution you can afford with the best optical zoom lenses if you like taking action shots such as wildlife or sporting events.

3.    How Much Are You Ready To Spend?

Modern digital cameras have many different functions and most people only ever use one or two of those available.  It’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing your camera, because the more features and functions there are the more you will have to pay.  You may be better off choosing a less expensive model that has everything you need but without all the additional settings that you are unlikely to use.

On the other hand, if you are a serious photographer then you will need the highest resolution, the best optical zoom and as many features and settings as you can get, within your price range.  Buy the best you can afford, which might mean considering a second hand digital camera.  There are many great bargains available on a slightly older model and it may mean that you can afford to buy an expensive camera that was beyond your financial reach when new.

Whether you are a professional photographer, a skilled enthusiastic amateur or you just want to snap a picture of the family, there are digital cameras available to suit the needs of every type of photographer.

Digital Camera Tips - How to Choose A Digital Camera

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